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Unfortunately, if a fire has passed through the area there may be substantial damage to your property. To ensure the safety of your return, please keep these precautions in mind.

When driving to your property check for:

☐  Trees, brush and rocks which may be weakened or loosened by fire.  Trees and brush weakened by fire may lose limbs or fall.  Rocks loosened by fire may roll and crumble

☐ Debris or damage from fire on roads and driveways.

☐ Debris on the road near your home and in your driveway.  Clearing the debris to the edge of your driveway and removing it later will help keep your home safe from fire.


At your property, check for fire or fire damage:

☐ Hot embers in rain gutters, on the roof and under overhangs.

☐ Hot embers under decks and in crawl spaces.

☐ Hot embers in wood piles, debris piles and lawn.

☐ If your electrical service has not been interrupted you may continue to use your power for such things as pumping water, etc.


If your utility services are off, check for burned service equipment and facilities:

☐  Is there damage to the gas meter, gas lines, or propane tank.  If there is ANY visible damage DO NOT attempt to repair or turn on these services.  Call your local propane or utility company for assistance.

☐  Look at the electric meter.  If there is any visible damage DO NOT ATTEMPT to turn the breaker on.  Call your local utility company for assistance.

☐   Beware of metal fences – they may be energized by downed power lines away from view.

If your home/property is damaged, you will need to contact your insurance carrier


When you have secured the safety outside your home, check inside for fire or fire damage:

☐  Embers in the attic, which may have entered through vents.

☐  If electricity is off, before turning it on, check all appliances to ensure they are off.  Once you are sure all appliances are turned off, there is no fire damage to your building and the meter does not have any visible damage you may turn on the main circuit breaker, or contact your utility company for assistance.

☐  Check if the phone is working.

☐  Check if the security system and alarms are working.

☐  Use flashlights to help inspect your home and surrounding area.


If you find any of these conditions:

Fire – stay away and report condition to a local fire or law enforcement official in the area or call 911.

Damaged Utility Equipment – report electrical problems or damaged equipment to your local utility company.

Gas Leaks – Report gas service problems to your local supplier.

Other – Report any other safety issues or emergencies to 911.


After checking your property, continue to use caution and note outdoor conditions:

☐  Trees and poles with deep charring, particularly if still smoking should be considered hazardous.

☐  Smoldering holes in the ground can be full of hot coals. Downed logs and stumps can remain hot.

Emergency & utility services contacts

   –Emergency:  Dial 911
   –Non-emergency:  541.593.1014
   –After hours/weekends:  541.693.6911

   –Emergency:  Dial 911
   –Non-emergency:  541.593.8622


   –Mon-Fri 8am-5pm:  541.592.2411

Underground utilities location service
   –Locates:  800.332.2344


Midstate Electric Cooperative 

   –Business   800.722.7219   
   –Emergency or outages   541.536.2165 

   –Streetlight outages   541.536.2126    

Natural Gas
Cascade Natural Gas  888.522.1130

   –After hours   800.426.0242

Water and Sewer
Sunriver Environmental & Water  541.593.4197 

   –Emergency  541.593.8034

   –On-call serviceman  541.419.6469  

Cable TV, phone and Internet
Bend Broadband  541.382.5551


CenturyLink - sales & billing  800.954.1211
   –residence repairs  800.573.1311
   –business   800.603.6000

Garbage Pickup
Cascade Disposal  541.382.6660 


Roads and Pathways
SROA Public Works   541.593.2483


Trees and Noxious Weeds
SROA Natural Resources   541.593.1522

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