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Fire Danger Levels & Red Flag Warnings

During high fire danger levels and Red Flag Warnings you should ALWAYS follow instructions provided by your local fire agency and be prepared to take action if a fire develops in your area.

FireDanger Levels.png

The National Weather Service issues Red Flag Warnings when there is low humidity, warm temperatures, dry fuels and strong winds that could produce extreme fire behavior. Although specific weather criteria can vary by region, Red Flag Warning criteria includes:

  • Sustained winds averaging 15mph or higher

  • Relative humidity of 25 percent or less

  • Temperature higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Ten hour fuel moisture at 8 percent or lower for one day


During a Red Flag Warning, be extra cautious about your outdoor recreational activities to alleviate any risks of sparking a fire.

Here's what to avoid:

  • Follow all local, state or federal fire restrictions

  • Avoid using lawn mowers, chainsaws and other equipment during high risk times or around dry vegetation

  • Do not smoke outdoors. Never throw matches or cigarettes out of a vehicle

  • Do not park on dry grass areas and ensure trailer chains don't drag

  • Soak fireplace ashes in water and dispose of in a metal can

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